Why is storytelling so important in business?

  • We all have a story to tell. 

    Each and every one of us.  And it’s the same in business, as every business, big or small, established or start-up will have its own story.  But why is storytelling important in business?  Well, I believe that it’s all about authenticity, getting behind the mask of anonymity, beyond the logo and the brand.  Everybody loves a good story.  In fact, a good story told well, is virtually irresistible.  It will draw us in, captivate us and demand an emotional response as we invest in, and engage with, the narrative.  Can an advertisement do that?  Well, perhaps, but only the very best ones, more often than not, they can be irritants which we seek to avoid.

    Storytelling forges an emotional connection with our customers

    As consumers, we are faced with an ever-increasing amount of choice out there in the market-place.  But how do we decide on one product or service over another?  The leaders who run modern businesses understand that nowadays it’s not enough that we just like the look, or the price of something.  We also want to engage, to connect, to feel some commonality with the brand.  More and more businesses are starting to understand this and will use storytelling as a strategic tool to help forge an emotional connection with their customers.

    Builds retention and loyalty. We know what you do, but we want to know why you do what you do.

    Anyone who ever browses the web knows how annoying it can be having to wade through all the pop-up ads that constantly appear on-screen.  Skip ad after five seconds? – Most assuredly, and because I’m being force-fed something I didn’t choose, I’ll deliberately ignore it and look elsewhere for the entirety of that time.  But give me the opportunity to make my own choice to connect, interact and comment and you’ll be more likely to grab my attention and, potentially, my custom too.  If I’m prepared to invest in an ongoing relationship, be it with a clothing manufacturer, a smart-tech company or a supermarket, chances are that I’ll return to spend my money time and time again. I am more likely to do that if I understand why you do what you do. What is your passion?

    So, what is your story?

    How, and where, do you tell it?  Well, when you break it right down, isn’t every ongoing business story its own version of the time-honoured tale of triumph over adversity? Your story could be anything from the spark of inspiration that set you on the road you have taken, the blows and bruises you dealt with along the way, to the positive feedback you receive from the satisfied users of your products.

    Tell your story

    Everywhere! Use any and every outlet – social media in all its forms, vlogging, blogging, radio, print, even public speaking.  The spoken word, the written word, the visual and the aural, it’s all there to be used. Reach out and connect…

    BUT Be authentic.

    If I can help you craft, share or place your story, please get in touch

    Photo by Kane Reinholdtsen on Unsplash


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