Six simple steps to awesome social media bios

  • Who are you really?

    During this time of lockdown, we have an opportunity to use social media to increase our visibility, build our followings and make new connections.  So how are we introducing ourselves in our bios? What impression are we giving? And are we being consistent and authentic?

    In my last two blogs, I focussed on how to update your website and your LinkedIn profile. Now it is time to revisit and update your bios on all your social media profiles.


    Your social media bio is your foundation.

    Consider this scenario…

    Congratulations, you have been found. Your potential ideal client has landed on your Instagram/Facebook/Twitter profile. In those few precious seconds, they are reading your bio, checking you out to see if they like you and could potentially do business with you.

    What opinions are they forming? How are you helping them to build the all-important ‘know, like and trust’.

    In addition, an optimised bio is excellent for search results. More traffic equals more followers.

    Here are six easy steps to take to ensure your bios are working hard for you:

    One: Review your headshots, cover and background images.

    • When were they last updated?
    • Is your headshot less than 3 years old and taken by a professional?
    • Get creative with your background image: use it to showcase your latest offer/award. What wording can you overlay to promote your brand.

    Two: Are all sections complete?

    • Have you used all available characters? Each platform has different limits. Be clear and concise in the information you provide
    • Instagram allows you to be creative in the use of icons to help reinforce your value
    • Include keywords related to your industry, but don’t over-stuff.

    Three: Is your value being conveyed?

    • That is, the difference you will make to the life/business of your visitor, or the problem you will solve
    • Are you showcasing your skills?
    • Are you focussing on your current top promotion, such as a new online course or pdf download

    Four: Does your bio truly represent you? Is it authentic?

    • Have you included details which reflect your personality and passions, as well as your work?

    Five: Are they consistent?

    • Whilst each bio should be tailored to reflect the different clients on each platform, there should be consistency. After all, you are the same person.

    Six: Are all the links working correctly and pointing to the right place?

    • Use all available opportunities for links
    • Are you using the bios to direct visitors to your website?
    • Are you using an app, such as Linktree to ensure that links are directing your visitors to specific pages.

    Particularly at this moment, more and more people are turning to social media to remain connected with existing clients, friends and colleagues locally, nationally and even internationally. The importance of being visible and authentic has never been more important. Don’t be afraid to shine and make the most of this important foundation to your content.

    So, follow these steps. You will be glad you did.

    If you would like any help, get in touch with me here 


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