Business Diaries Podcast: Episode 22 with Corina Goetz

  • In this month’s episode 22, our storyteller Corina Goetz shares how her work changed overnight as a result of the pandemic, and how trying something new, sparked a new passion, revitalised her life, health and approach to work.
    Corina runs Star-CaT, providing 5-star Middle Eastern training, coaching and sales representation from professionals and companies working with the Middle East. She has worked with many clients, particularly from the Gulf region, for over 20 years, establishing many long-standing relationships. She travels the region extensively acts as the key point of contact in London for her clients. But her work changed dramatically when international travel came to a stop due to the pandemic.
    In this episode, Corina shares the physical and mental health and benefits she has experienced from cold-water swimming, and how it has given her the clarity and confidence to be braver in the decisions she takes at work. She says, “if it scares me a little, that means I have to do it”.
    She says she loves

    1. Feeling the cold water but the warm sun on your face
    2. Swimming when there is light snowfall
    3. Being in the water when there is a bit of wind and the tiny waves lap your face
    4. Swimming around with the ducks brings you closer to nature

    In our discussion, Lisa and I ask lots of questions including

    • What to wear?
    • Where to go?
    • What safety considerations are there?
    • How do you start?
    • How cold does the water get?
    • What challenges she is taking on?


    • We explore what her newfound bravery means to the day-to-day running of her business.

    This is a fascinating episode. Would you go open-water swimming?
    We hope you enjoy this episode as much as we have.
    Best wishes
    Islay and Lisa
    Corina can be found at and on LinkedIn
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