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  • In this month’s episode, we discuss the effect of changing one’s mindset on business. Our guest, Hax, describes how his love for bikes and filmmaking triggered his passion for finding interesting places, people and things and learning about their stories and history.

    Hax, this month’s storyteller, is a filmmaker and story consultant. He is the owner and CEO of Prisma Broadcast Limited, a communications agency that works with organizations to help them tell their brand stories.

    In this episode, we listened to his story about the American flag in Romney Marsh that caught his attention. He shared this on his recent YouTube episode about a gallant young man named Lieutenant William H. Johnson, who died during World War II. This (then) 23-year-old lieutenant selflessly sacrificed his own life to steer his aircraft away from the village of Hamstreet, Kent, after his crew had got out, but before it crashed and killed him. Had he not done this, many civilians, families, and houses would have been affected.

    In our discussion with Hax, podcast hosts Lisa and Islay reflect on:

    • The importance of telling stories about one’s brand
    • The recipe for creating a film and documentary
    • Keeping history alive
    • How “the cream will always rise to the top”
    • How history and modern times differ regarding videos/films, etc.
    • Hax reminds us that Our curiosity is what drives us most of the time. Be curious, and find that fantastic story to tell.

    This episode is packed with tips, takeaways, and key learnings.

    We hope you enjoy it as much as we have.

    Hax’ website is and you can connect with him on LinkedIn .

    You can watch Hax’s video about Lieutenant William H. Johnson at . Don’t forget to subscribe to his channel!

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