Crafting YOUR Brand – Secrets to Success

  • Branding is bemusing but so vital to all aspects of our businesses. A clearly defined brand identity along with a unique look and tone of voice, will inspire customer loyalty and lay the critical groundwork for customer attraction and retention.

    So where do you start, how do you find the practical help which is tailored to you and your business? Right here in our workshop

    Together with myself and branding expert Karen Davies, you can spend the day with us and concentrate on ‘Crafting YOUR Brand- Secrets to Success’ on 20th June 2019 at the Hilton, Maidstone.

    Here are six ways you’ll benefit from coming along:

    1. You’ll receive practical advice

    Together, we will draw out the uniqueness of your offer, why it’s important, your promise to your customers and your personal values. You will understand:

    • Why defining your brand identity is so important
    • How to create an emotional connection and impact through words and visuals
    • How brand strategies can be integrated across your business
    1. You will get busy

    In this workshop, we are creating an opportunity for you to put your knowledge into practice straight away and experiment with ideas and concepts. You will:

    • Identify the core value of your business to your customers
    • Outline your own brand personability
    • Create a vision for your ideal brand
    • Define keywords which summarise your brand identity
    1. You will have fun

    You will be working alongside like-minded business owners who are going through the same thought processes you are. Together, we will be sharing ideas and benefitting from positive and constructive advice. There will be:

    • ‘Cutting and pasting’
    • Celebrating glorious colour combinations
    • Playing with words
    • Laughter, conversation and lunch
    1. You will have creative space and time to focus

    Together, you will define three key elements which, when combined, will create branding that connects with your audience on an emotional level, focussing on:

    • Your visual identity
    • The voice you use
    • The kind of personality your business has
    1. You will take away implementable tools – and accountability

    By the end of the day, you will have the tools and a framework in place for a comprehensive, well-defined brand that will live in the hearts and minds of customers, clients and prospects. We will follow up with you afterwards to see how you’re getting on.

    We promise a creative and positive space, with guided support to help you follow your instincts and craft a brand rooted in your passion and purpose.

    All this said, we understand that it’s a big decision to attend a workshop, so if you have any questions, just hit ‘reply’ to this email.

    If you are considering coming along please don’t delay your booking, as we are limiting spaces to enable you to benefit from personal one-to-one advice throughout the day.

    You can book your ticket here for Crafting YOUR Brand – Secrets to Success

    Karen and I are looking forward to welcoming you on 20th June


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