Clarity of Purpose

  • Clarity of purpose – why this is so important?

    “If you are building a business without a purpose, not only are you missing the point, but you are most likely missing out on the journey, the excitement – and the profit – too.” Richard Branson

    Have you ever felt slightly envious of that person who is so clear on their mission? Their ability to define exactly what they want to be and their confidence in how they are going to get there? Are you still a little confused? Is your vision a little hazy? You are not alone. Many people are asking “What do I want to do with my life?”. Many know that what they are doing “doesn’t feel quite right”. Everyone craves clarity, but clarity is difficult to achieve if you don’t know your purpose.

    What is your purpose?

    Your purpose is within you. There are many books and articles which offer advice on how to find it. But for me, I would start by asking yourself, “how would you like to be remembered?” Many people I meet describe their purpose as their job or career, “I’m a life coach”, “I’m a lawyer”. When I ask more questions, such as, “What difference did you make today?”, “What made you feel valued today”, their answers change.

    Most people want to be remembered for the difference they made, for the positive impact they had on those around them.

    Purpose can be defined by how you serve or help others by applying what you do.

    Jason Gardener MBE, President, UK Athletics; Olympic 100m Relay Gold Medallist said, “World-class performing organisations and individuals fully understand their clarity of purpose and unlock their potential to not only deliver financial profits but also to create a positive societal impact and a lasting legacy.”

    Why is defining and communicating your purpose so important?

    Building a business with a well- defined and communicated sense of purpose, aligned with your core values and vision, will
    • Frame your decision making
    • Attract and keep the best talent
    • Keep your focus in the face of distractions
    • Engage stakeholders and partners

    If purpose is your compass, clarity is your roadmap.

    Knowing your purpose will enrich every area of your life. German philosopher Frederick Nietzsche said, “He who has a why can endure any how.”

    Your purpose will help you define a strategic direction. You will be able to plan more effectively and be more resilient to the inevitable forces of the market and changing times ahead.
    Personally, you will be utilizing your natural skills daily. You will feel energised, motivated and confident. Perhaps, most importantly, you will be off that treadmill – the one where you are constantly busy, but never making any progress.

    Your staff and colleagues will feel engaged. They will understand what you are trying to achieve and feel a part of that journey. They will have a deeper sense of connection and loyalty. They will be more productive and have a greater sense of satisfaction.

    True clarity of purpose comes from a clear understanding of what you or your business is for.

    The differences you will make to those you serve or supply. Successful businesses, regardless of age, size or sector, embrace and live their purpose. It manifests itself in every facet of its leadership, operation and communications.
    A well-defined purpose, that resonates deeply with key stakeholders and is communicated consistently, is key to building and maintaining a strong reputation and position in today’s marketplace.


    Photo by Jordan Madrid on Unsplash


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