Business Diaries: Episode 24 Annual Review 2021

  • December’s Business Diaries Podcast is a little different.  This time, Lisa and I decided to do an annual review of the stories shared on the Business Diaries. As you can imagine, there was much to talk about, as we have recorded 11 stories from businessmen and women from Kent and Medway.

    To help frame our discussions and keep us on point, we were delighted to be joined by Episode 21 storyteller, and co-host of the first Business Diaries Live event in Medway, Chris Pollard.

    In Part One of our review, we revisit stories shared from January to July 2021, told by:

    Rosemary Wilson

    Hasmita Reardon

    Nick Inge

    Neil Williams

    Adelle Martin

    Phil Wilson

    Hazel Addley

    We have heard a variety of stories, featuring seafood, warzones and much more. Experiences include the kindness of strangers, seeing snow for the first time, seeing the truth, speaking up, finding your voice and being true to yourself.

    All of our speakers generously share their stories, with honesty and openness. We are reminded of the resilience of the human spirit, that opportunities can be found in adversity and new beginnings from the most unlikely starting points.

    Part one of our annual review: Listen here 

    Part Two of our annual review featuring our storytellers from August through to November will be aired in the first week of January 2022.

    After 12 months and 12 episodes, Lisa and I are more enthusiastic than ever and are busy planning and booking guests well into next year. Whatever the new year brings, we will be continuing with our monthly podcasts, and returning to hosting live events in Medway when we can.

    If you would like to be a storyteller, please contact me 


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